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2018 in Review

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Welcome back to the Verde at Howard Square Blog! Join us as finish out the year with a look at all our blog topics of 2018. We’ll list the title of each blog from the year, followed by a little description. It’s like a highlight of our biggest points from the year!

2018 Blog Topics

From ‘banned book recommendations’ to ‘portion control on Thanksgiving,’ this was a great year of blogging!

“Read a Classic (Banned Book) Today”

To start off the year, we blogged about books that were banned at one point. Have you read any of the titles?

“Host a Movie Night”

In addition to a selection of movies, your night of fun is in need of great snacks! We shared two great recipes in this blog post: Churro Popcorn and Loaded Chicken Nachos!

“Hosting Guests in Your Apartment”

Will you be hosting guests in your apartment any time soon? This blog post discussed how to make this a memorable experience.

“Magical Quotes”

Sometimes we need a boost of inspiration from our favorite witches and wizards: characters from the Harry Potter books!

“Airplane Mode: Not Just for Flying”

Did you know that airplane mode is a useful tool you can use when you’re at work or running errands? It conserves battery life and cuts out background chatter from your life. Airplane mode on your mobile device isn’t just for flying anymore!

“Shake it Up in June”

Milkshakes are a summer staple! We shared recipes like Chocolate Mint, Coffee Brownie, Chocolate Surprise, and more!

“Check out These New Movies!”

July was jam-packed with exciting new movie releases. Here are a few of our favorites: Mission: Impossible — Fallout, Eighth Grade, and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

“Amenities: Building Blocks to a Better Home”

For this blog post, we focused on some of the amenities that make our apartments stand out, like acres of parkland, four outdoor courtyards, and a catering kitchen.

“Four Things That Every Apartment Needs”

It’s sensible for every apartment to have Band-Aids, candles, basic medication, and Tupperware.

“Great October Board Games”

We shared a few board games that were perfect for October, including Ghost Stories and Fearsome Floors. Plan to play them next year for Halloween!

“Portion Control on Thanksgiving”

Did you know that the average American eats up to 4,500 calories every Thanksgiving? To help combat this, we invited all residents to pick the right portion sizes.


Thanks for sticking with us throughout the year. We hope you finish 2018 off strong in your Baltimore, MD apartment, or wherever you might be!