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Airplane Mode: Not Just for Flying


Verde at Howard Square Apartment Blog, Baltimore, MD  Summer is often associated with travel and putting your phone on airplane mode. What else can this mode be used for? Read today's blog to find out.


If you travel a lot, you’re probably used to switching your phone to airplane mode. Because it’s summer and travel is so common around this time of year, we thought we’d focus on a few uses for airplane mode outside of flying. Take some time to relax in your Verde at Howard Square apartment as you read about two benefits of setting your phone to airplane mode. You don’t have to be traveling out of Baltimore, MD to experience the benefits from one of many settings available on your mobile device.


Conserves Battery Life

Let’s face it. The battery life of mobile devices is not always the most reliable. With so many apps running in the background of our phones, incoming text messages, alarms, all works against your device’s battery life. One way to conserve battery is, of course, to simply turn off your phone. Unfortunately, no one knows when that perfect photo opportunity will arrive. This is why we suggest using your device’s Airplane mode. While turning on Airplane mode means that you lose access to your network, you’re still able to access your camera, offline files, time, calendar, and more. Airplane mode is a great and easy way to conserve battery life.


Cuts out the Background

Life is busy. Let’s face the fact that mobile devices constantly grab our attention. For many of us, it’s all too easy to get distracted with things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchats, texting… Well, there’s a way to remove these distractions all together with just a click of a button. Airplane mode is the perfect setting if you’re looking to cut out the background noise, even for just a few hours. Try it out today.


Do you use Airplane mode on your phone when you’re not flying? Thanks for reading. We hope you have a great month!