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Apartment Decorating Ideas

An apartment setting couch with pillows with three glass-topped three legged tables in front of it

The Verde at Howard Square Blog has five unique ways to help you decorate your cozy Elkridge, MD apartment. We have several suggestions that we think will help your apartment feel even more like home. We hope that you enjoy, and we hope that you have a great month here in Elkridge, MD!


Mirrors can enlarge a space and add interest to a room. Pick a mirror that fits your personal taste, works well with your space and doesn’t distract from the rest of the room. We like this hexagon mirror from Etsy.

Creative Coffee Tables

A coffee table can really pull a space together. Stack your coffee table with some unique coasters, photography books, and interesting accessories like this Wood Herringbone Tray from World Market. We really love this Steel and Pine wood coffee table from Etsy, but feel free to DIY and create your own coffee table from something you find at your local thrift store.

Corkboards & Chalkboards

Hang reminders on your corkboard or write the menu for the day on a cute chalkboard. Try out this Rustic Cork Board from Etsy, or write your to-do list for the day on the Chalkboard Mail Organizer, also from Etsy.

Tell a Story

Use pictures to tell the story of your life. Hang up pictures of memories you don’t want to forget or your last vacation and intersperse those images with your favorite artwork or movie posters. Let your walls speak for you.

Rugs & Carpets

A rug or carpet can really warm up a room. Add some texture and color to your living room or bedroom with a well-placed rug (or two or three). Target has a great selection of rugs in different shapes, sizes, and textures for you to choose from.  

Do you have any decorating tips for us? Give us your best advice in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!