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Four Things That Every Apartment Needs

first aid kit

Every apartment should have things that are individual to the people living there. While we of Verde at Howard Square believe this to be true, we also think that there are a few items that everyone should own. In today’s post, we’re sharing four of those items with you. As you’re reading, we encourage you to make notes of anything you think we might’ve forgotten. Then, share what you’ve come up with in the comments below.


It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without these little miracle workers. Not only are they convenient and easy-to-use, Band-Aids can help protect your cuts from getting infected. Also, who doesn’t love all the Band-Aids that come in different colors, patterns, and even prints of our favorite cartoon characters?


Lighting a candle is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people want to “freshen up” their apartment with a good clean scent. Candles come in a variety of yummy scents and can be surprisingly affordable. While they’re generally pretty small in size, candles pack a powerful aroma. One candle can fill a room and even more with its flavorful scent — not to mention a wonderful ambiance.


Basic medication — something to treat a cold, fever, and other common illnesses — is important to have in your apartment. It’s impossible to anticipate how you’ll be feeling all of the time, so being prepared is important. Keep your medicine in a safe place, especially where little kids can’t reach. Also, be sure to replace any expired medicine. For instructions on the disposal of unused medicines, check out What You Should Know by the Food & Drug Administration.


These plastic containers come in quite handy. When not being used, Tupperware containers are easy to store — often fitting inside of other containers, providing you with more space. Don’t get too many though, as many people often get way too many containers that they start to take up a lot of space.

Let us know what items you think everybody needs to have in their Baltimore, MD apartment. Thanks for reading today’s post!