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Hosting Guests in Your Apartment

Verde at Howard Square Apartment Blog, Baltimore, MD  Hosting guests in your apartment can be a wonderful experience. Read these tips to see how.

Today, we have a few ideas to help make your guests feel welcome and for everything about the visit to go smoothly. It may take a bit of time to prepare for everything, but don’t worry—the results in comfort and classiness are worth it. Keep reading our Verde at Howard Square Blog for more information.


—  Clear out some space for your guest, whether that be a drawer, a shelf, a cubby, or even a suitcase rack similar to a hotel room. Also, provide a few hangers and a place to hang clothes up. (An over-the-door hook makes a good place to hang a few items of clothing.) Show your guest where the iron and ironing board are kept, too.


—  Include house rules and information in passing or put them on a note in your guest basket. Note such things as quiet time, breakfast time, the bathroom schedule (indicate the time span the bathroom will be free and make sure the door can be locked), etc. Clarifying these kinds of things up front prevents the likelihood of miscommunication and awkward conversations.


— If you aren’t going to be around to prepare and serve meals, provide a variety of easy-to-fix breakfast and lunch foods. Bagels, muffins, and danishes are easy to grab and go. Instant oatmeal, cold cereal, toast, and yogurt all make easy choices. Create a make-it-yourself sandwich option for lunch as well.


—  If your guest is going to be there for more than a couple of days (and depending on how well you know them) consider providing them with a house key so they can come and go as they please.


Now you know how to prepare for guests! Next time you travel, you can take note of the things that made your trip more enjoyable and incorporate them into your guest-hosting repertoire! Thanks for checking in with us this month from your Baltimore, MD apartment.