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Organizing Your Verde at Howard Square Apartment

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With everything on your plate you totally missed spring cleaning, and now it’s summer, and you still haven’t gotten around to getting the closets re-organized like you’ve been planning to do. Sound like a familiar scenario? It happens all too often, but today, we have a three-step method to present for organizing all sorts of projects around your Elkridge, MD apartment. So let’s get started by designating three categories: keep, give away, and throw away.

Keep — These are things you use regularly, or they have a specific purpose, or they are simply things you love and won’t part with. For these things, labels and containers are your friend. A place for everything and everything in its place is a good plan.

Give Away — As you are sorting create a pile for giving away. With each item you aren’t sure about, ask yourself. “Do I really love this?” Your emotional reaction, yes or no, will help you determine whether or not to keep the item. For things like projects you worked on, the cards you received, etc. it may suffice to take a picture (the memory) and let the actual physical part of it go.

Throw Away — Clutter. Throw it away. If an item is broken, toss it. For clothing, if it’s stained, torn, or stretched out. Get rid of it. If socks are missing their mates, let them go. Liberate yourself today! Give yourself a time limit to deliver these items to a local Elkridge shelter, the Salvation Army, or wherever they are going. After that, toss them.

Using this method of organizing, you can clean out a drawer, a closet, or an entire room, and end up only with the things you need and that are important to you, with a home for them in your Verde at Howard Square apartment.


What are your favorite organizing tips? Please share in the comments.