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Portion Control on Thanksgiving

a piece of pumpkin pie
Heads up: The average American eats up to 4,500 calories every Thanksgiving dinner! To help combat this, we’re inviting all residents to pick the right portion sizes. Be mindful as you dine in or out of your apartment in Baltimore, MD. The following information comes from Huffington Post, Food Network, and MD Anderson.


When purchasing a turkey, think 1.5 pounds per guest. So if you’re planning on four guests, you’ll need about six pounds total. Eight guests yield a 12-pound turkey, 12 guests an 18-pound one, and so on.


“A little bit of gravy goes a long way, but it's just too sad to run out, and you want leftover gravy if you have leftover turkey. Allot at least ⅓ cup gravy per guest, and have about one extra cup for every six people.” You can instead use ¼ cup per guest, as this is also a good portion size.


Each guest should receive ½ cup (that’s about the size of a tennis ball cut in half).


“Typically the big crowd-pleaser at the table, stuffing is one side dish you don't want to run out of, so assume each guest will eat about 3/4 cup (cooked). If you know you're feeding a crowd that especially loves stuffing and might want seconds — or thirds — bake an extra batch out of the turkey to have on hand just in case. You can always use any leftovers for sandwiches the next day.”


Give each guest a one-cup serving (about the size of a baseball).

Cranberry Sauce

“A Thanksgiving staple, cranberry sauce is a condiment that doubles as a side dish all on its own. Prepare 1/3 to 1/2 cup cranberry sauce per guest.”


Each guest should receive a ½ cup serving.


“In order to keep your guests from filling up on bread before dinner even begins, serve rolls as a side dish with the main meal instead. For a heartier variation, substitute cornbread or popovers for regular dinner rolls.”

Did we hit all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods? If not, check out the above links to find recommended serving sizes. Thanks for reading the Verde at Howard Square Apartment Blog. We wish you a healthy Thanksgiving celebration!