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Tips for Traveling with a Food Allergy

top view of a man and woman with a backpack sitting at a wooden table eating food

One of our favorite resolutions of 2019 is this: travel more! For some people, this might be more of a dream than a reality — perhaps it’s because they are worried about having a food allergy. If a food allergy is standing between you and your dream destination, we have a few solutions to help. Join our Verde at Howard Square apartment community in learning about how to make traveling with a food allergy easier.

Carry a food allergy card

One way to bridge communication barriers is to carry a customized card with details about your allergies in different languages. “Allergy Translation Inc. was founded by Kyle Dine after experiencing the need for the product while traveling throughout Europe. Being allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish and mustard, he knows the importance of conveying food allergies effectively. was created in 2006 and founded with the principle of providing helpful tools that assist allergic travellers.”

Plan to cook your food

Some inns offer kitchens from which you can prepare and store your own meals. We suggest choosing an Airbnb, or some similar form of lodging, with a kitchen. Instead of eating out, opt for grocery shopping. There are many resources online to help you steer clear of anything you might be unsure of in regard to your allergies.

Alert the airline

Blogger Young Adventuress (aka Liz) shared some great information about why food allergies should not keep people from traveling. In one of her “confessions” she shares the following thought: “As a general rule, over the years I’ve learned the best way to manage my allergy on flights is by notifying the airline in advance so they can make sure not to include peanuts as a snack on board — they all have chips or secondary snacks to serve. Locked in a tin tube with no way out while hundreds of other people snack on peanuts around me is a disaster waiting to happen, and one that can be avoided with a little preparation and people doing their job.” Get inspired and take the world by storm!

We hope you have a great month in Baltimore, MD, or wherever you might be traveling!